Our vision

We are constantly working towards the idea of a more transparent and open real estate market. We help people make better decisions when buying, selling, renting or financing property.

RealAdvisor is an aggregator of real estate information and services. Using the power of the web we are opening up the home selling process with our online valuation services, educational tools and connection to real estate agents. By bringing these elements together in one place, we aim to provide an unprecedented level of transparency for the real estate market.

RealAdvisor Team

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About us

RealAdvisor was founded by childhood friends Joan Rodriguez and Jonas Wiesel with the mission to help real estate agents grow their business in the digital age.

Since 2017, we have helped hundreds of agents sell thousands of homes thanks to our leads and marketing system.

Before launching RealAdvisor, Joan developed and sold real estate software to banks, REITs, insurance companies and other institutional investors. Joan studied business and started his career in Corporate Finance at Deloitte in Zurich, Switzerland.

Jonas started his career as a consultant at PwC London; then worked in M&A for EoC (now Houlihan Lokey) advising technology start-ups.

RealAdvisor’s US operations are led by Aleko Lilly, a Zillow alumni, with a deep knowledge of how to create successful connections between consumers and real estate agents. Aleko studied philosophy and business and was born in Seattle, WA.


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